"Do You Suffer From Crippling Headaches or Migraines?"

Is this you?

 Are you tired of being given the run around by doctors who tell you that your headaches or migraines are psychological or that they have no cause that can be treated?

Are you sick of calling in sick because you woke up with a headache so bad that you can barely think or see straight?

Do you avoid socializing because that often means the bright lights and noises that might trigger a painful headache that could last for days?

Do you put off sex because your head hurts too much to ever be "in the mood?"

You Are Not Alone!

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In Naturally Cure Your Headaches you get to "know the enemy" through in depth, yet concise discussions of such topics as:
How the World Health Organization and most medical professionals classify headaches
What is a tension headache?
What defines a migraine?
What does the trigeminal nerve have to do with persistent headaches?
How your headaches can be caused by insidious little known conditions such as trigeminal autonomic cephalagias and heicrania continua
The exact difference between a primary and secondary headache
The fourteen different types of secondary heaches that are the result of infections, head injuries or the administration or withdrawal of pain medications
The differences between the symptoms of episodic and chronic headaches
What type of headache is characterized by pain that makes it feel like your head is trapped in a vice!
The number of days in a row that you have to experience a headache before the medical community will diagnose it as being chronic
The average number of days that you can expect to suffer from a migraine
The different types of olfactory (smells), visual and aural perceptions that can be a warning that you are about to experience a migraine headache
The role that malfunctions in the transport of potassium and calcium ions in the brain might play in the development of migraines
How excessive yawning might be a symptom of migraines
The role that "shadow pain" plays in predicting attacks for people who suffer from cluster headaches
What type of headache you likely have if you feel like you have a "red hot poker stuck in your eye"
The type of headache that is considered to be the most painful kind to have at all
The type of headache you are likely to have if you feel pain around your temples
The role that eye or ear problems can play in chronic headaches
All about a new category of headache called the NDPH (new persistent daily headache) that has been added as a pain type by the World Health Organization in 2004

And many more suggestions for getting rid of those headaches for good ...

The bottom line is, there is no need to suffer the pain and misery of headaches any longer, nor is there any reason why you should turn to analgesic painkillers the next time a headache or a migraine strikes.

By taking appropriate preventative steps and by using natural remedies if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a headache or migraine, you can deal with the whole problem entirely holistically without the side effects of drugs!


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Did you know the word Migraine is derived rom the Greek words hemi, meaning half, and kranion, meaning skull?

An estimated 29.5 miillon Americans  suffer from migraines?

The focus and intention on Naturally Cure Your Headaches is to get you off these painkillers for good so you are provided with good solid advice about how to manage and prevent headaches by:

Breathing slowly and deeply to keep your blood vessels and nerves healthy

Practicing Yoga and meditation can help combat migraine attacks

Eating corn, buckwheat and oats and staying away from all other grains

Exercising aerobically for twenty to thirty minutes a day

Avoiding foods that contain tryamine like red wine, figs, smoked fish and aged cheese

Realizing that many other foods including peanut butter, bananas, chocolate and dairy produce can also cause migraines

Avoiding aspartame which is suspected to cause migraines

Avoiding monosodium glutamate which has been proven to cause headaches in many studies

Using a technique called autohypnosis to reduce the severity of the headaches

Adopting certain behaviors during increases in barometric pressure to ward off headache pain

Avoiding washing your hair while you are in the bath which has been known to provoke migraines!

Consulting with a hypnotherapist to manage your headaches

Getting an acupuncture treatment to assist with pain and prevent headaches from occurring

Using self-administered acupressure to massage "points" on the body to help prevent headaches

Getting massages to help mitigate and do away with headache pain

Learning how to use peppermint and wintergreen oils to ward off headaches

Considering the role that Butterbur can play in reducing the pain and severity of headaches

Learning how to give yourself a hot foot both to divert blood from your head to your feet so your headache pain is less

Taking herb feverfew to control your headache pain

Realizing the role that B vitamins can play in helping prevent and cure headaches

Please note, that none of this should be taken as medical advice and you should always seek proper medical care and advice.